Phoenix Wellness Arts

About Us:

Welcome to Phoenix Wellness Arts (PWA), where martial arts meets the holistic pursuit of well-being. At PWA, we believe that vitality is not just a destination; it's a journey, and we are your trusted guides on this transformative path.

PWA is more than a wellness center; it's a transformative experience. While martial arts remain our foundation, we offer a rich tapestry of other disciplines, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Yoga, Tai Chi, Wudang, Coaching, and more. Our diverse range of programs provides a holistic approach to well-being, ensuring that there's something for everyone on their unique wellness journey.

Our Story:

Founded by a group of friends and former colleagues, Phoenix Wellness Arts emerged from the collective dream to create a haven for individuals seeking wellness, empowerment, and a deep sense of community. Our journey began in the world of martial arts, specifically Shaolin Kung Fu, Wushu, Kickboxing, and Tai Chi, but it soon blossomed into something much greater.

The heartbeat of PWA is our vibrant, inclusive, and tight-knit community. We're more than just an establishment; we're a family. Our culture is built on a foundation of support, encouragement, and mutual growth. Whether you're taking your first step into the world of martial arts or seeking to deepen your practice, you'll find kindred spirits and lifelong friends here.

Our dedicated instructors are the backbone of our wellness center. Each of them brings their unique specialty, experience, and passion to the table. Their expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality guidance and training.

Beyond our core team of instructors, PWA is also a home for a talented array of coaches, therapists, photographers, and other wellness professionals. Together, we form a holistic support network under the PWA umbrella, working collectively to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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Our Instructors


Lyman Chen


Lyman is a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. His background includes receiving a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Karate with experiences in Brazilian JuJitsu, Judo, and Grappling before diving into learning Chinese martial arts. He studied at the Tagou School of Wushu in Henan and is also a WuShu Athlete who has competed in local and international competitions winning several Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals.


Crystal Yau


Crystal Yau is originally from Hong Kong. Her dad was a Tai Chi Master. She developed her love for Tai Chi and Kung Fu ever since she was a kid. She has been with Shaolin Institute since 2016 and is simultaneously dedicated to both Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs. Crystal also joined the leadership team as teaching assistant and the SWAT team as one of the main performers. During her journey with Shaolin, she had learned the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda, self-defense, and Zen. She continues to learn and share her knowledge and passion with other fellow Shaolin brothers/sisters. She has been teaching the kid online classes since 2020.