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Experience the Artistry: Phoenix Wellness Arts Performances

At PWA, our passion for martial arts and traditional Chinese culture extends beyond our training studio. We're proud to offer captivating and exhilarating performances that showcase the beauty, grace, and power of Kung Fu, as well as the vibrant traditions of the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance.

Whether you're organizing a special event, cultural celebration, or corporate gathering, our performances will add an unforgettable and culturally rich dimension to your occasion. At PWA, we offer customizable performance packages to suit your specific needs.

Join us in celebrating the power, grace, and tradition of Kung Fu, Lion Dance, and Dragon Dance. Let PWA make your event an unforgettable experience. For inquiries and to book a performance, please contact us.

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Kung Fu Performance

Our Kung Fu performances are a mesmerizing display of skill, discipline, and martial artistry. Our dedicaed and highly trained martial artists will transport you to a world of breathtaking forms, high-flying kicks, and precise techniques. From traditional Shaolin Kung Fu to the dynamic art of Wushu and exhilarating Kickboxing, our performances are a testament to the years of dedication and training that our students and instructors have invested in mastering these ancient disciplines.


Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is a symbol of good fortune, protection, and positivity in Chinese culture. Our Lion Dance performances are a colorful, rhythmic, and energetic spectacle that infuse the traditional symbolism with contemporary flair. Our lion dancers will enthrall you with their acrobatics and artistry, bringing prosperity and joy to any event or celebration.


Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance is a centuries-old tradition that represents strength, wisdom, and the spirit of the dragon. Our Dragon Dance performances are an awe-inspiring fusion of synchronized movement and vibrant colors. The gracefully choreographed dragon winds its way through the performance area, filling the atmosphere with energy, auspiciousness, and the promise of great fortune.