Body and Mind.


Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

Kung Fu (功夫), also known as Gong Fu, is a term used to describe various Chinese martial arts. The term itself translates to "skill achieved through hard work" or "accomplishment of effort." Kung Fu encompasses a diverse range of fighting styles that have developed over centuries in China.

Historically, Kung Fu has deep roots in Chinese culture and has been influenced by factors such as regional differences, the teachings of various masters, and philosophical principles like Taoism and Confucianism. In modern times, Kung Fu has gained international popularity as both a form of self-defense and a way to promote physical fitness, mental discipline, and spiritual development.

Here at Phoenix Wellness Arts, we teach many different styles of Shaolin kung fu including 18-hand Luohan (羅漢手), Hong Quan (洪拳), Chang Quan (長拳), Tong Bei (通背拳), Animal Styles, and much much more. We also offer many weapons teachings as well such as Staff (棍), Spear(長槍), Saber (刀), Sword (劍), etc.

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